This is the time when lights flicker across country borders and streets alike, ‘tis the season of festivals. And, complementary to the light, there’s darkness. It’s said that darkness is beautiful, that darkness actually glorifies light. But needless to say, the same cannot be applied to human race. We’ve seen so many dark instances of terror that it’s hard to live in serenity, knowing that in some distant corner, somewhere the Christmas bells do not ring, somewhere there is only screams and cries of fear and death. And this article is about one such infamous dark person, Dawood Ibrahim.

How do these people become criminals? Are they born so? Or there exists some incident which forces them to go down the dark path? Turns out, the latter is true in this case. The road to the crime world for this individual was paved by a gang war in Mumbai, him being on the side of Haji Mastan. He grew even more dangerous after a gang war between the Haji gang and the Pathan gang, wherein, one of the members of Pathan gang with the help of the Surve gang-master killed Dawood’s brother. Determined to take blood for blood, Dawood lashed out at both the gangs, and Mumbai saw one of its deadliest gang wars ever. He grew even more powerful after his gang leader ventured into politics and let him take over the gang.

And just what about this person that makes him so infamous? Well, he is currently at the top of an organized crime syndicate called the D-company. He currently tops India’s “Most wanted” list, and is also ranking number 3 on Forbe’s “The world’s 10 most wanted” list. Indian and Russian Intelligence Agencies have already possibly associated Ibrahim with several terror attacks. According to two reports from the United States of America, Ibrahim may have had ties with Osama Bin Laden, and it’s also thought that the D-company has a possible strategic alliance with Pakistan’s ISI.

The crime lord is said to frequent his visits between Mumbai and Karachi. Recently, in October 2016, an article was published in which “an ailing, home-sick, enfeebled and financially depleted Dawood Ibrahim wanted to return home.” However, that’s easier said than done. The return of the crime lord would mean exposure of several Pakistani terrorists and the likes. Pakistan may actually prefer a dead Ibrahim over a live one, especially when he can expose its terror connections, the infamous hawala system (for those who don’t know – it’s the way of transferring money in the criminal world; Dawood is assumed to control most parts of it) and other crimes as well.

The current price of this notorious person is estimated at $6.7billion.

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