Everyone experiences many hurdles throughout their lives, and the worst hurdle common in all our lives is the death of our loved ones. Death brings with it all the gloominess, irrespective of the age, attitude or the reason for the death of the person. Every time we hear a news of any person dying, it reminds us about our own life, our near and dear ones shall go away and a time is sure to come when we shall die.

Most of us fear death as death is the certain part of our lives and to cope up with the grief of losing our loved ones; some of us have beliefs like meeting our loved ones again in the heaven.

No one has the absolute answer to what happens to us after death, in fact it is the greatest question we ask ourselves; and the answers vary.    

Various religions define death differently, in Hinduism it means rebirth, we are reborn after we die. While in Christianity it means eternal life, and in Islam in general, like Christianity it means to enter into an eternal life which is happier and more advanced.

Scientifically there are umpteen number of theories developed which bring out the possible things happening after death but no one actually knows what exactly happens after death. It just depends on our beliefs which satisfy our eagerness to know about the happenings after death.

Science has also brought in inventions like storing our memories and making our lives eternal on this planet so that other people shall know about us, but science apart.

Instead of thinking about death and its consequences if we think about what we can control and that is our lives; we can completely shape our lives, our attitude, and making the best use of our greatest gift of our very existence, where we can completely handle what actually happens to us and hence we can strive towards making our lives as well as the lives of others better and happier.

There are people who live just for the sake of existence; and in this context death also means to be alive but fail to live, fail to make all the moments happier, fail to enjoy and nurture every moment of life or fail to do anything that satisfies our heart in a positive context of course.

Death also means to die from the lives of the people and we fear death because we are frightened about leaving our loved ones and this wonderful place called earth and if we wish to live on the earth even after our death no matter what our faith is; that will be through the memories we share with others and through the happy moments we contribute in others’ lives or the positive impact we have on the lives of others.

Thus to live after our death means to live in the memories of others, and to be remembered and this is what makes our life eternal on earth itself.   

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