Talk about the cranky way of answering questions or the too much innocence of the people, Haryana is a unique state in itself with a wide variety of versatility scattered across state. When one talks about sports, Haryana is seen with a sense of respect. World renowned “Dangal” is testimony to this. On this 51st Birth Anniversary of Haryana I would like to unveil few lesser known facts about my home state.

Here I go:-

  • The famous Epic Mahabharata was written in Haryana by Saint Ved Vyas in Sanskrit
  • The sermons of Gita was preached by Lord Krishna on the lands of Kurukshetra, Haryana
  • Various epic battles were fought in Haryana including Three Battles of Panipat, Haryana
  • Despite being 2% of total population of India, Haryana ranks 3rd in total wheat production of the country
  • 11% soldiers in defence services are from Haryana
  • The Proud daughter of nation- Kalpana Chawla was from Karnal, Haryana
  • Haryana was known as Bahudhanyak- the land of plentiful grains and Bahudhana- the land of immense riches in Mahabharata

There are plethora of people from Haryana who all exceled in various fields like Academics, Art, Entertainment, Games & Sports, Journalism, Politics, Business, Medical Sciences, Defence services and many more.

But despite all these positivities, state is suffering and had suffered from various misfortunes.

Jat Reservation Agitation was unforgettable where many people lost lives and there was a huge loss of property too. People fought for reservation and tainted the image of beautiful state.

The state, till date is suffering from sex ratio menace. Despite many examples set, people are blind to the already set examples. Daughters have brought proud to the state but still a handful of people are a hard nut to crack.

Honor Killing cases are easily traceable in news wherein the couples are brutally murdered for the sake of their own family image and status.

Although its 21st century and people are well educated, still self-styled Godmans are people’s choice. The masses hold their allegiance to them and they shut their minds off to the reality. When something ridiculous happens only then they are awaken and worst of all, few remains unaltered. Many a times such Superficial Gods have been exposed but I don’t know when education will overpower the fear which resides deep inside the people that they fell prey to such nuisances.

Well, the problems may be many but every problem comes with a solution and that solution will surely lie in the basic principles of life. Practically speaking it is easier said than done but yes there is always a HOPE!!!

Anyways, let us recall the famous slogan of Haryana and let us cherish the special day!!!

Desa me des Haryana, jit doodh dahi ka khaana….


  1. Wow! Rare to see pride and pragmatic, critical approach towards what you love passionately!!

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