That wasn’t just a Coincidence,
We were Destined To Meet.
Because we gel together so Well,
and you are so very Sweet.

Your beauty isn’t what i Love,
instead it’s your personality.
Your values, your ethics make me Wonder,
If you were made just for Me.

Though; little did you Show,
your emotions is what only i have Seen.
Even in your despair; When you are at your Lowest,
Always will i love you that’s what i really Mean.

For you came in at a time,
when all felt shattered and Gone.
Let finger be raised or even times be hazed,
I would always cherish you through every Dusk and Dawn.

Now never would we part our Ways,
even when they raise the Heat.
For that wasn’t a Coincidence,
We were destined to Meet…. 😘❤