I don’t fit in. Anywhere. I get bored so easily. I like changes, new things, new people. But I also like home, familiarity, and that kind of comfort which only a few can ever provide.

I am a change myself.

I can’t stay still, I need thrills, I need excitements or else I would be just like a hole, dead.

I want to be with people who change, who grow better, who don’t fit in. Who are restless, people who always have something on their mind and are not shy to share it with me.

I need and I want to be around those, WITH those who help me grow, make me happy, bring me peace. Who grow, change and are alive inside. Alive in their minds. In their souls. Who smile so bright that it reflects every thought they have, the freedom of their minds, the limit in their eyes. Those who don’t care. And I want to be like them, I am not good at ‘not caring’, I want to move on, move away, not alone, but not necessarily with everyone. But those who like to go.. far.

Even if its in their dreams yet. I want to be a resemblence of universe to some one. I want to be a poem about life. Someone’s inspiration,in someone’s dream.. Maybe for just a night, I want to be a story to tell about, I want to be alive.

And I want some people to be with me, but not that I can do it alone, but being with someone can multiply the joy.

I want to be as small as as a quartz and as big as a star. I want to be what I am. Change.

And I believe that you should do things that brings you peace. Because the one person that is the most important is you, you are the one who has to live with you, for the rest of your life.

No one else will stay, even if they do. They can’t help you, you have to. So make one person happy, yourself.

For everyone else, is finding a satisfication, in the things you do.

And that is what makes me want to do something crazy, to not to be like them. To be like me.


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