My very first written piece of art seemed fit to be published, it was my first ever experience. I was very excited, already viewing myself in the line of greatest authors and at this point writing seemed to be the easiest of all. And then I received a mail saying it was inappropriate to publish as it lacked originality and creativity; in no time my entire pride shattered.

I didn’t dare to write for another six days in line trying to reflect on my inabilities. Initially blaming myself for not having the potential to match up the standards; it lead to loosing up my confidence, thinking about wired aspects; that I could have chosen another topic or maybe I could have tried my best. It was of course my fault but not in potential to write rather I expected way too much. In all of this thought process what If I wouldn’t have expected to invite success in my first attempt?

If we are into something and if we expect some best outcomes and if the actual outcomes vary; they end up disappointing us. Thus if we expect less in the first place the end results no matter how good or bad they are won’t affect us.

There are positive as well as negative expectations, if we expect positive outcomes and end up with negative ones which happened with my experience we get disappointed but if the contrary happens, that might encourage us on positive thinking.

And what if things don’t happen as expected (positive expectations), this in the end depends upon us, the extent to which we let the results affect us.

Thus it’s all about hoping for the best and thinking positive about what we do. Or even believing in what we are doing and doing what we believe. And at the same time being ready for the worst. If I was ready for the worst, the disapproval wouldn’t have disappointed me, instead it could have prevented me from wasting my time.

The fear of failure shall not stop us from accepting challenges. Challenges are the ones which improve our abilities and keep us ready for the greater goals in turn helping us to set higher goals. Because in the end what matters the most is whether we have the potential to step into something challenging rather than getting successful results.

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