I was reading the news when I came across Pepsico Chief, Indra Nooyi’s statement. “I hate being called Sweetie or Honey”, she had said. It made me wonder whether there are more women out there who don’t like being called by pet names.

I have always thought that women liked being called ‘Sweetie’, ‘Sugar’, ‘Cutie pie’, ‘Babe’, ‘Sweet heart’ or something like that. I never imagined that there would be someone who hated being called so.

Some feel that it is cute for a guy to call a girl with pet names. Most of the couples would have their own secret pet name for each other. It makes one feel special if the guy calls her by her pet name. This exclusivity for each couple makes them to cherish their relationship.

Some psychologists suggests couples with strained relationship to come up with a unique pet name for each other and use the pet names to call each other in their usual conversations. They believe that it imparts a feeling of affection, when being used in a conversation casually. Also, even in middle of a misunderstanding, when the conversation is marked by pet names, it reduces the chance for a fight to break out.

One may be a very powerful person who seems strict and authoritarian outside. But there will always be a side to them, which is kind and loving. Even those stern people will seek love in their life, for someone to make them feel secured and blow them over with loving words.

Calling each other by pet names is just another expression of love. If one does not like being called by pet names, they may yearn for love in other form. Not all like to be loved alike. While some may like to be showered with love without any concealment, others don’t usually go for the openly shown emotional picture.

Some people bottle up their feelings inside and rarely show them to their lovable ones. They have deep feelings of love inside but feel uncomfortable in opening them up. They find it awkward to receive or to express their feelings in words.

Whatever may be the individual’s take on pet names, everyone has their own unique way of showing their love in one way or the other. That said, no love is greater or lesser than the other, irrespective of the way in which it is expressed.