“Drinking is injurious to health”

The above statement is heard by everyone. It’s scientifically true also. But how drinking describes someone’s character. Why it’s necessary that a person who drinks alcohol is a bad person. How can alcohol tell you that a particular person is characterless?

Our society always describes a characterless person as an alcoholic. If we drink or smoke it doesn’t mean you are bad. It’s their choice of dying. If you don’t drink that doesn’t mean you are a great person or a perfect one for everyone. No, the person who drinks liquor just does not care about his/her health. But I don’t know why we have made this a status symbol among youth and a character certificate in society.

I m not saying that drinking is good, no it’s not. But it’s a HEALTH ISSUE and not a cool dude’s symbol or a character certificate. Please don’t change the issue. It’s a bad habit but not a crime. If you want to make your health compromise then it is your choice. So a person who doesn’t drink is not a saint or best, he/she can be bad in nature and the one who drinks can be one of the caring people.

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