Easy Ways To Maintain Oral Health

It is very easy to brush your teeth and say you take good care of them. But given the quality of food and neglect of today, it is very important to pay attention to your teeth and not leave them to rot. Some easy ways are –

  • Brush them twice a day – (Very sure you know that already)

An underestimated statement, brushing teeth twice a day before breakfast and after dinner is a must.  This prevents acid buildup and protects teeth from plaque.

  • Don’t be scared of your dentist –

We have always been very scared of paying a visit to our dentist. That chair, those scary looking instruments and injections in your mouth gives everyone a chill. But these guardians of our teeth want the best for us. Therefore, a six monthly checkup is a must.

  • Floss them right –

Just like brushing, even flossing has its own technique. One flaw can cause toothache and friction will cause gum problems.

  • Keep the sugar and soda at bay –

Our elders aren’t always wrong. The sugar in chocolates and sweets and the fizzy sodas and cold drinks are major culprits in our efforts. Preventing them altogether will be a punishment, but avoid them as much as possible.

  • Teeth are only for chewing food –

We know that you take pride in using your strong teeth to crack nuts or even to rip apart packages, but teeth are very sensitive.

  • Avoid tobacco –

Do yourself and the economy a favor by avoiding tobacco altogether. You can save yourself from oral cancer, teeth decay and other countless ill effects.

  • Consume calcium -enriched products –

You need plenty of calcium for your teeth. It helps to strengthen your teeth as well as your bones. Proteins, iron, copper and potassium are also necessities.

  • A mouthwash is helpful –

It is not really a necessity, but a mouthwash can be a useful addition in you oral kit. That early morning bad breath can be done away with. 

  • Tongue cleaning –

Though it may sound very weird, tongue cleaning is very essential to avoid gum problems and bad breath. A tongue cleanser can be used to kill the bacteria residing on the tough exterior of you tongue.    

I quote ‘ Life is short, smile while you still have teeth’! 😀