We live in a society where Education defines a person. Parents are the first contributors to our education. They want to educate and pour some good values in the children, which help them during their growth and in shaping their child’s future.

But most of the parents don’t understand what their child really wants to be. This is a competitive world; they want their child to put their efforts to become a better person. It is not a bad thing. But instead of understanding the child and their dreams, parents are pressurizing their children to fulfill the parents’ dreams instead of the child’s.

Like in the movie 3 Idiots, Madhavan wanted to become a Passionate Wildlife Photographer, but he had joint Engineering because his father wanted him to do so. The same way, most of the Indian parents are pressurizing their child in the name of Society and Prestige. *sighs*

This is a very common sight in India. Where parents have certain aspiration for their child and when they don’t get fulfilled they are treated in a bad manner or isolated, in certain cases.

However, let’s take a look at the story of Trishneet Arora, 23. The youngest ethical cyber security expert in the country and the founder of TAC Security Solution.

He proved the social norm wrong – “Education doesn’t define a person. Intelligence and Passion does!”

Trishneet’s inspirational story was covered by Humans of Bombay where he spoke on how his parents stood as a great support in his journey.

He stated that:

As a child, I would enjoy opening up toys and gadgets to see how they work internally as opposed to playing with them. When we got a computer at home I was obsessed. My passion grew from playing computer games to understanding the hardware of the system. My father was worried when he saw me being on the computer for hours on end. He tried putting a password but by the end of the day I had figured out a way to crack it.

His behavior changed from being annoyed to impress and ended up buying me a new system. Whenever our system needed fixing, I would watch the expert closely and within a few short weeks I had networked two computers myself. If there was any machine that needed fixing, my neighbors would come to me. I was so occupied by this world of computer that I failed the 8th standard. I just didn’t understand History and Geography.
Instead of yelling at me, my parents took me to the park after being called to the Principal’s office and asked me why? I just told them that my life only understands computers-the software and hardware and nothing else mattered to me. They allowed me to drop out of school but that doesn’t mean I stopped learning. I started with small projects like fixing computers and cleaning up software and at the age of 19, I received my first big cheque of 60,000 Rupees. I used everything I had saved to invest in my own company – TAC Security Solutions.
The best way one could describe me by my professional title would be to call me an ethical hacker. I would hack people’s systems, so that they could see the flaw in them and take over their cyber security. I’m currently the IT advisor to the Punjab State and have held training sessions for the CBI, Punjab State and Crime Branch.

Our clients vary from Reliance to Mr. Narendra Modi and we’ve recently expanded to have offices in 4 cities in India and 1 in Dubai.

At 23, my dream is to build a billion dollar Cyber Security Company and I think I’m here today because when I failed, my parent’s didn’t scream or force me to take more tuitions. They understood me and let me be.

I’m not saying education isn’t important — all I’m saying is how you choose to learn can vary and that failing at school doesn’t mean you’re a failure.


These were the words stated by Trishneet during his interview.

Well, from Trishneet’s story we understood how his parents played a major role in life by understanding and believing in him.

If each and every parent understands their child and support them, they can also help to bring the best out their child and be a part of their achievement!