There is a lot that we can learn from the little things that happen around us. Even the most insignificant things can actually get you to think deep and would find a philosopher inside you.

It so happened that I went to a stationary to buy some loose sheets for my assignment.  The shopkeeper didn’t have change so he gave me an eraser instead.

I asked him to give me a pencil instead and he suddenly blared, “the pencil costs more.”
The eraser was just for 2 units of ever declining Indian National Rupee and the pencil was of 5 INR.

I left the shop with that white colored resin, and my mind covered in the opacity of a deep philosophical thought.

I wondered about this life I am living, correlating the values and the very significance of an eraser and a pencil in my life. How I have been forgiving people for all those errors, for all those mistakes they made in that mutual timeline of mine and theirs. For all that drama that people created in my life yet, I granted my amnesty to them, so easily.

Just like an eraser that costs less than a pencil, I feel that the people who keep on doing ill against me take it for granted and they tell their minds, “Don’t worry, she will ‘erase’ our mistakes, even if we repeat them and would let us start over.”

But, sins that according to me, falls in the category ‘grave’ are still on my mind, marked in pen and I just can’t ‘erase’ them even if i want to. Of course I could use a whitener but the blotted mark continues to remain.

The book of life isn’t written with ‘pencil’ which can be modified easily with an ‘eraser’.

Be careful about what goes into your book of life because what goes into it can never be erased, the imprints always remain.

I can forgive but I cannot forget!