Timing: – 10am to 7pm

I have been to this wonderland called Essel World thrice in a period of 5 years. Writing down my review about this amusement park. This is located near Gorai, Borivli, Mumbai. You can also go by the jetty  (ferry boat) From Gorai to Rach Essel World.

One should ride at your own risk because some may have problems of asthma or neck and back problems too. One needs to Remove all the money and other stuff from your pockets, spectacles, etc., otherwise they fall off during the ride.

Aqua ride (splash)- it’s  a nice steep car that takes you up and down and then directly into the water making you all wet..!! Carry extra clothes for this ride, but you can land and enjoy other rides that will help you get dry..

Cup and saucer – Simple Monster – This is one my favorite ride of Essel world. Really, you will have so much fun. It rotates and revolves up and down, making you laugh and a bit scared.

Enterprise – This one is a raised scary. There is a cabin for each person. It also goes 90 degrees! I got a bit scared here but worth enjoying and not to be missed..

Dashing car – one could legally trash drive here!  People who aren’t known to drive are hearty welcomed!

There are always type of roller coasters. They are all great fun and quite thrilling. Merry go round will make you go round in different degrees and angles.

Thunder will make you shiver and vomit and pee yet hell worth experiencing.

Rainbow: it takes you quite high, so that entire view of Essel world can be seen on along with seek peak of water kingdom. It’s not at all scary but fun. Separate simple rides for kids are some of the other attractions.

Bhoot Bangla – a train takes you through the Bhoot Bangla. I was very much excited for it, but it was a true flop.

Disco, Bhul Bhulaiya Mirror maze – a bhul bhulaiya of mirrors, Ship is kept for the visit were rides that helped our group to bond with each other.

The Free Fall, Top Spin, Hoola Loop are the rides worth visiting and worth enjoying.  They are the best.

Paid attraction: –

Bull ride – its hilarious yet dangerous. Rain dance was My favorite ride. Bowling zone and Ice skating was a nice experience. Derby race and wall climbing are fun. Karaoke is worth trying!

Mumbai: the food station,  Tai pan: Chinese restaurant, dominoz pizza, Happy singh ka dabha, sourthern treat, kwality walls, petu’s, pepsi and street food are major attractions.

All rides are fun filled and one can enjoy a lot be it with friends or family. Food is average/ good but costly, yet you can try out thali worth 180 where two people may eat. One can buy different momentum from various shops too!

The price of the tickets which is 500 rs per head raise on weekend holidays/season days up to 750 per head. This amusement park attract young and old alike.