You go out of your way to keep your skin looking its best, but you may be doing more harm than good. You might be surprised to learn how many parts of your daily routine could actually be damaging your skin.

1. Wearing too much of products-

Using the right products is essential in your skin care routine, but too many products may be bad than none at all. Overindulging in cleansers, toners, exfoliaters, serums and creams can actually damage your skin.

2. Not moisturising enough-

You should be apply a moisturizer on your face immediately after washing it. If more time is taken to apply, your skin will begin to dehydrate, resulting in dryness.

3. Not using right products-

Most skin products are made to help certain skin types, look  out for  products that were made with your skin in mind. If you have oily skin, using a cleanser formulated for dry skin types isn’t going to do wonders on your skin.

4. Picking your pimples-

We all do squeeze an annoying pimple, but doing that will only lead to spreading of the inflammation and lead to scarring. Apply a topical acne treatment, and then keep your hands off.

5. Avoid harsh soaps-

Your skin generates protective oils and using harsh cleansers affects your skin directly.  Instead, go with something gentle for your face, and don’t use it more than twice a day.

6. Over-exfoliating-

We all want fresh and glowing skin, and defoliants seem like they do the job, but they are very harsh, and using them too often can actually harm your skin in the long run. Exfoliating scrubs should be used only once a week.

7. Sun rays-

Summer has already arrived giving us  that sun-kissed glow. Exposure to sun rays will make your skin tan resulting in wrinkles and cancer down the road. Limit your time in the sun, and use sunscreen when you’re out and also make use of scarf.

8. Smoking-

We are all aware that smoking does a ton of internal damage to your body, but it also impacts your skin. Smoking works on the skin from the inside out, making it look aged and tired long before it should.

9. Not sleeping enough-

When you lack sleep, your body gets stressed, and when your body gets stressed, it releases cortisol, which leads to inflammation, throughout your entire body, and that includes your skin. A beauty sleep will calm your nerves and your skin.

10. Not staying hydrated-

No amount of moisturiser will help your skin if you aren’t drinking enough water. For exchange you could drink lemon water.

11. Not removing your makeup-

On  some nights you may not carry  out you’re entire  beauty. But when you don’t wash your face before bed, not only are you letting all that makeup clog your pores, but you’re letting all the dirt sit on your face for too long resulting in side effects like acne and wrinkles.  Taking time to scrub doesn’t seem like such a task, does it?

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