Everyday, is a new start, we always have a choice. A new day, maybe even a new life. We go home tired, exhausted, with hatred, with love or with an dead dream, a night before.

Thinking it should never end, but it does. Because thats how life is, it doesn’t end, not even for you. And the next day we feel like dropping everything, we think “what’s the point?” “Why should I?”

And we go on like that for  day, a week, almost, in “severe” cases, even a month. But we don’t realise in our exhaustion that we are reducing our choices to be free.

It doesn’t,and it shouldn’t matter that the day was terrible, that your dress was ruined, you didn’t look that good, there is a day coming that could be better.

A day that depends on you, entirely. A day that is so beautiful that it will take your breadth away. That will make you feel everything is right, magical a fairy tale, Or a superhero movie. 😉

EVERYDAY, do you do what makes you happy, or not? Do you help someone who needs it, or not? Do you be nice, or not? Do you eat good, or not? Everyday, do you live , or not?

Its a choice given to you. There are circumstances that shape our lives, that we have no control over, but the most important decision is our own. Its always in our hands. The choice of acceptance, yes or no, whatever comes your way, you have the power of letting it in control of your life. So choose right.

And no matter how low you feel, no matter how hurt or broken or exhausted. “Get Up”  “Dress Up”  “Show Up”. Everyday, For that is all that matters love.