Since time immemorial, we’ve all been strangely and widely fascinated with the notorious and the dangerous. Our obsession with the underworld dons and gangsters hasn’t been something we’ve been subtle about. From movies to books, we’ve always been drawn to this world of the “bad ones”, often inspired to weave webs of stories over them! There have been movies like the “Once Upon a Time” series that made these criminals kinda mainstream!! There have been books like “My Days in the underworld”, the autobiographical book by Agni Shreedhar that brought about the story of the mafia to the fore-front!

There have been accounts of terrorism that have managed to terrify us equally. All said and done, it’s for a fact that gangsters, dons, drug-lords and basically, how the whole mafia runs is something that continues to amaze us! With this new theme, the “Dark Alleys”, we explore the inner workings of the same. Collecting various accounts coupled with facts and figures, Dark Alleys aims to bring out the whole view of how these exceptionally infamous people have managed to build empires amidst us and thrive in the society, despite being the “bad guys”….

It is for this very same reason, that I chose, as my topic for knowledge, none other than Abu Salem himself! Why wouldn’t I? The cruel human who had an active part in the 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts, a man accused of terrorizing our Bollywood for years, and the rumored person behind murders of many influential people in the film industry, widely discussed for a rocking affair with Monica Bedi and what not! From his early days in the D-company to his current state in Arthur Jail, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about this gangster!

With Dark Alleys, we bring out to you how these real life, gruesome villains are shaped in and by our society.

Wait for what’s next……….


  1. Hey nice articlea very unique themed article ….bt eager to read d continuation of it….loved d way you started it..very intetesting…

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