Facebook Flops

1) Beacons
It came in between 1980 to 1990.
It tracked the preferences of the users which targeted advertising based behaviours.

2) Gifts
Occasion based gifts were put forward with the help of E-commerce web sites. This had privacy issues.

3) Lite
A two dimensional page was constructed for fast browsing and use of less data. It got famous in Asian countries and was adaptable to different languages and translation, but didn’t do well in other nations.

4) E-mail Address
DB tried to bring up their own electronic mail address for communication, but it went to fail as google worked more effectively.

5) Games
Facebook games led to enable of a third party who could access your info. This information is collected and sold to other Privacy issues led to flop of this idea yet many people fell in their ambush.r trap.

6) Deals
This feature came up with flash sale, e-commerce, discounts and geo-tagging. Coupons were sold too, but dominance of other e-commerce apps like flipkart, myntra, jabong, snapdeals, etc made this a Facebook flop.

7) Creative labs
Community app development programs flashed us platform specific feature. No cross selling was done. This was similar to hypertext or even apple. People didn’t like the thought of buying and selling within the ecosystem of Feb only which led to Facebook flop.

8) Home
News feed was another idea used to make Facebook work better.  AT and ITTC home centric discontinued.  They were unable to push marketing message. That was another flop for Facebook book!

Messenger would also have been a flop but idea of no routes to message the user unless you have the app messenger avoided this flop.