New Year has come and people will soon start to plan the so called Resolutions.

It’s human mentality that we wish to start a new thing from the first day of week or first date of the month or to be more precise, from NEW YEAR.

This time it was more challenging as New Year fell on a SUNDAY.

But what do you think happens to NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS?

It is continued for a week with high spirits, but later it comes to a downfall and once again we start our pursuit of a fresh date to start something new.

It had happened with me and honestly speaking I don’t even remember what resolutions I had set. It vanished in the smoke of the fast paced life.

There are various factors behind this.

Firstly, we set so much unrealistic resolutions that we fall into our own web of thoughts.

Secondly, we set things that are way out of our reach. And by saying this, I mean that we don’t count what we have, what our true potential are and what we are capable of.

We see others and compare ourselves to them. Thus, axing our own feet and failing miserably.

Now, I don’t say that you should stop improving yourself. No!

What I wish to say is, analyze your daily routine, your time managing ability and set goals according to them.

Here is a tip:

Write down all things you wish to do on a big sheet of paper in a point format. Also include small things like drinking a cup of lukewarm water in the morning, brushing teeth twice daily, etc.

Then prioritize the things which are relevant to the near future or present and are of utmost importance. Place them at the top of the list. Then place the things which are a tad less important and finally put things of leisure at the end.

There is a Psychological reason behind this. You will be highly motivated throughout the day because at the back of your mind, you know you have to finish up all your tasks to get your leisure time.

Trust me, follow these steps and you will find a drastic change and eventually you will be able to fulfil all your New Year Resolutions.


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