A fan is an enthusiastic admirer of someone or something. There are fan clubs for movie stars and singers. Sports figures and teams have their die-hard fans. Or at least until there’s a new actor, singer, or player making the news and entertainment shows. Fans claim to know everything about a certain person, but it’s unlikely that they’ve ever met that person. They know facts or what the media tells us, but they don’t know the person.
A follower puts that one person above everything else.

For example:- 

Salman Khan. Fans know about Salman. Followers get to know Salman. Fans look at outward appearance; they want others to see what they’re doing, and they want to look acceptable doing it. Followers have an inner passion for who they’re following; they don’t care what others think.

I have two friends- Gaurab and Shailendra. Both are huge fan of Shah Rukh Khan. They are really crazy about him. If we’re walking in the store down the magazine aisle, if they see him on a cover or even see his name on the cover, they’ll stop and they’ll read through it and usually even try to buy it.

So what they do is they follows him on Twitter, likes his page on Facebook. They think they have all these aspects and know who Shah Rukh Khan is. But do they really know his life? Do they really know what it’s like to tour around the world? The loneliness.
Sometimes I think when we, in our culture today, look from the outside in; we think we might know someone just by what they’re putting out. But do we really know what it’s like to be in their shoes?

This is the difference; a fan is an ardent admirer, maybe even what we would call an enthusiastic admirer. It’s the enthusiast. It’s somebody who’s looking at something from the outside and they’re saying I know all of the things about it.

A follower is a person who imitates, copies, takes as a model or ideal, an attendant or a servant. The main difference between the two of these, a fan and a follower, is that a fan sits on the outside and a follower is doing.

Now what I saw is major difference between both of the fans. Gaurab follows Shah Rukh as an Inspiration. He learned humility and politeness from him. He admires him as a character in personal but in the same way Shailendra is a blind supporter of Shah Rukh. Means he doesn’t care about anything, if anything is wrong in the sight of everyone, though caused by Shah Rukh, it is not wrong for him. He follows the bad habits Shah Rukh has, smoking a hell lot of cigarettes and drinking black coffee.

According to an Interview from 2007, “ Shah Rukh confesses that he smokes 70 cigarettes and drinks 30 cups of Black Coffee in a day. Shailendra blindly followed it. He started keeping long hairs as Shah Rukh did in DON 2, He didn’t have stammer problem but due to of his continuously acting of a stammered person, he eventually started problem in talking, started wearing dresses like him, glares and everything.

Gaurab always focuses on his dreams. What he thinks is, “It’s great fun having your own identity than to being someone’s shadow”

Osho says, “Be, Don’t try to Become”. If we take it to this example, it means don’t try to become Shah Rukh Khan, Be Shailendra.

Gaurab always wants to be as renowned as Shah Rukh Khan and is ready for all the hard work he did to reach that level. Shah Rukh always worked as a motivation for him. He passed class 12th with good percentage and joined Delhi University. And on the later part of life he became a successful entrepreneur. On the other hand, Shailendra suffered a lot due to his large intake of cigarettes and Black Coffee.

It all begins with a connection of just being a Fan, but their motivation takes them to different paths.

This is just a small example.

People intake drugs in the name of Lord Shiva. They say, we are his great devotees, but if you ask them 10 other names of Lord Shiva, they won’t be able to give the answer.
If you are a follower of Shiva, you should develop a quality of calmness, meditation, will power etc. not intake of Marijuana or the enfolding of snakes over your neck.

So if you’re doing any kind of thing which will prove you to be a blind follower, STOP doing it.

Just enjoy the things you admire, learn from them by just being a FAN.

“Learn from everyone, Follow No one”


  1. Awesome sir.
    I was a blind follower of Shiva.Now I’ll concentrate on what you said.
    Thank You 🙂

  2. A well described note,explaining People to learn the qualities to be followed not the name…Cheers Man!

    Add my name to your #Fan _Club

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