So happy I was, to learn that you are in my womb;
But my happiness had a great fall, by your dad’s little boom!
“I don’t want a daughter.”, he said
That’s not what he said; before we Wed.

My heart was pierced with a rusted sword;
I was helpless, lying in the ward.
I am a killer, a ruthless murderer.
I am a worthless and heartless mother.

How much I wanted to save you;
How much I wanted to dress you in blue.
I dreamed, you being pampered in my hand;
Your smile was like a magical wand.

Sedated, I was operated;
Forcefully, I cooperated.
They inserted that butcher knife,
And killed your future husband’s wife.

They cut you, they massacred you;
I won’t get to dress you in blue.
Lifeless, you and me; we both lay,
They threw you on the bay.

Five years later; again I lay
Five daughters thrown on bay
In my hand I cradle a boy,
There he played with a toy.

My eyes filled till the brim,
I was in a whim.
If only I had not cooperated,
If only I opposed being operated.

I wish I could still hold you in my hand,
Your smile would be still flashing like a magic wand.
I was happy to learn you were in my womb,
Before my plans for you went in doom..!