Follow your heart

It was weird when I uploaded this photo of mine as profile picture on Facebook , and one person commented “Waiting for someone?”., in response to that I replied, ” Happiness is within not in waiting for someone. “

This whole situation forced me to write this Article. Why do we constantly think what others feel? What do others want? And what others wants us to be? The gene of other plays very important role in our life. We want others opinion. We want others so that we can feel superior to them.

Throughout our life, what we perform is to make sure others are happy cause of our verbal or non-verbal deeds. We gain good marks not to be happy, but to gain kudos from others. Taking in those praises are not at all bad, but depending on them is Absolute.

Since, two years I had been grabbing gold medal in chess in parish level. Before that I had won second place. This year was my fourth year to participate, but I lost my 1st place and ended up on second. People round me had different reactions. They were congratulating me and were dismal as I didn’t come first.

No one actually understood the happiness on my face that I was happy. I was glad with my second position because I knew I didn’t give my best. I was content because I knew chess was just a minor, tiny part of my life and thus coming second didn’t bother me as it bothered to them.

During my play, I could see people feeding me a disapproving look and telling me you didn’t play well. If that was so, then why don’t you come and sit in my shoes and think instead of me and play? This variety of people you will find around you, where you will be advised by them but they themselves won’t do it. Beware of them all! Don’t think of what others desire. Consider about what do you actually want. Move over a thought where you will be happy from within.

I had an option of taking heed to what people said and would have stopped everything and focused on chess only; But I didn’t. I devoted a thought to what I wanted. I prioritised the things and thus today I am writing my article rather than listening to what others wanted from us. Do what your heart says to do…