Who are the one who understands your feelings when nobody else do? Who are the one who guides you right and sometimes stand for you when they know you are wrong? Who are the one who make fun of yours and you don’t mind, instead counter back by making their joke? Who are the once to whom you play craziest pranks on without thinking?
They are none other than but second most important persons we have in our life after family, they are known as friends, buddies, bffs, etc. Friends play a vital role in every individual’s life in a different way.

They can be define as a relation that has influence on your life in a way that can make or break your future. A true friend is one who tell you your faults. They are the one who will never praise you. They will always crack jokes. But if you are at a stage where you need motivation then they are the first one giving you a motivational speech. Friends who always make fun of each other will never tell you how important you are in their life. Sometimes we should tell our friends that how you feel for them, how important they are, because life is short.

We all have been taught that we should choose our company very carefully but, nobody knows that we choose our company only when we feel comfortable with them. Everywhere there are people who thinks somewhat like you do. We make friends when we feel connected with them, when they have same qualities that we have inside us that we don’t tell anybody else. No matter how we fight with each other we will be together at the end because we just can’t live without them.

Just sit for a second and think. Why do we need friends?

Because friendship can lead you to other relations. A friend later on, can become your companion or your soulmate for life, etc. Since, family is gifted, friendship is the only relation which an individual choose on their own. It is precious because, Friendship is the first relation which is made by you.

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