1. According to National Crime Record Bureau, 39.8% of Rape victims are girls under age of 18. 1
  2. Sex Determination of unborn Child is Rs. 1000 Cr. industry, says UNICEF. 2
  3. Although Child Marriage is illegal, almost half of the country beleives in letting their daughters marry before the age of 18. 3
  4. 8 Million Female foetuses have been killed in last 10 years. 4
  5. One out of 72% of Acid cases are being implemented on females, shows 2011 study. 5
  6. According to recent survey, the Median Wage for Women in India is 27% lesser than the money given to men.6
  7. A total of 24,771 Dowry Deaths have been reported in the country in the last 3 years. 7