A lot of people just cry about their weight or how unhealthy they are without doing much about it. Loosing weight or living a healthy life is something which is in our own hands and we have the power to keep it in control and mold it accordingly. However loosing weight is not that easy how it sounds however it sure is if you’re dedicated towards it and set a goal in your mind and keep yourself motivated to achieve it.

Often what happens is we take actions towards it but after a while we get so engrossed in our selves or get busy with our life that we forget our ultimate mission and get back to our regular lives cribbing how we still want to be healthy.

I would like to share few tips and tricks that have helped me personally as it is a universal problem.

1.) Drink hot / cold water –

source - http://www.clickhealthtips.com/
source – http://www.clickhealthtips.com/

When you wake up in the morning the first thing you should do is to drink a glass of either warm or cold water and by cold I don’t mean room temperature ! Holt or cold water on an empty stomach speeds up your metabolism and gets you going throughout the day. Also make sure to drink hot water through the day . Add lemons to flavour your water which also helps to get rid of the toxins.

2.) Walk –

source - http://www.hdnextimage.com/
source – http://www.hdnextimage.com/

Calm down! I am not asking you to hit the gym but exercise cannot be replaced. Make sure you at least walk for 30 minutes in a day. Be it 10 minutes in the morning , 10 in the afternoon and 10 in the night just do it. You need to put your body in motion and get those body parts working. When a car is not used for several days it gets rusted and useless and the same goes with our bodies.

3.) Meals-

source - http://cache3.asset-cache.net/
source – http://cache3.asset-cache.net/

Now food is the most important part of all this. Starting from the bottom , make sure to eat breakfast – the most important meal of the day. Coming to lunch make sure to eat something healthy and nutritious. Now you could eat a piece of pie but that isn’t going to do any thing to your body , its just going to be a bunch of empty calories. Make sure the last meal of the day is around 7pm , no that is not early . Your stomach needs that much of time to digest the things you ate. In between if you feel hungry you could snack on fruits or sip coconut water / sugarcane juice. The trick to eating is to portion your meals. Eat small portions throughout the day. Cut down on that sugar and greasy oily food. But don’t be too hard , treat yourself once a month.

This was easy ! Anyone can easily follow this . We could all ignore this and get back to eating that piece of cake but at the end of the day its  our body. We are earning to feed ourselves. We can do so much more and never be happy if our bodies are not working.

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