“Son should be on shoulders and daughter should be on ground”

       Is the proverb believed and even being practiced by the people

       right from the olden days to today’s Nano speed technology world.


          It starts from her childhood,

      Where her brother is allowed to corporate studies and she in            Government school.

 Every day will be a breath taking one,

       Because she don’t know when they will stop her studies and get her married to someone else.


When she gets married she feels very hard to breath,

       And it is because the one with whom she got bonded with will leave her ,if she gives birth to a girl baby.,


She feels to run away,

            Because if she reaches her parents as her husband left her, they reject her saying once got married she is not allowed to come back to stay with them.


She feels alone in this society,

       Because there is no one to share her pain and to offer a shelter to her, even if offered they ask her to behave as they wanted to fulfill their needs.


Everyone seems to be a demon to her,

Because everyone look on to her physically where she is left with no hope and support.


She felt as to be free from this world,

            Because finally she realized “girl” here on this earth is treated only as a play doll and she took a decision to be free from this world.


Before being freed from this world she cried loudly that “SHE IS NOT AT ALL A PLAY DOLL”



Friends let us all think for a while ,actually what are we doing? Do you still think girl is just a play doll/entertainment doll?

        If you are in this misconception “yes” then your mother and sisters are also the same.

Hey ! you what is the problem with you .do remember she is also a human being and do have her right to survive over here, who are you to disturb or ruin her life.

      Let us encourage girl education ,be a support to her, give a hope to survive.

    My question is “WHY EVERYTIME THEY SAY GIRL IS LESS AND BOY IS MORE”?   there is nothing like that, God has made both the genders with equal capacities and stamina to face their live’s..   if compared, to reveal the truth a girl is more efficient than compared to a boy because ,it is your mother who is responsible for your birth.

    If a girl is calm it does not mean you can take an advantage on to her she knows when to react and when not to. Don’t make her to turn as KALI, you are gonna be samshed entirely where you cant even spot yourself.   


Let a girl baby survive and please don’t abort a girl child.