The spontaneous answer that one gets from men is, “Of course not!”

Girls, if you really want to find out the truth I suggest you to try this, by which I found some startling results myself.

Be clingy for a whole week, checking on him and taking care of little things for him, have overwhelming amount of romantic talks, and try to meet him as frequently as you can. When he feels like you are being too clingy and gives some hints about it, act like you understand him and that you are going to give him some space. Do not talk to him after that. Just reply to him. Do not start the conversation. Don’t enquire into his life as you used to, and cut short your talks for a few days. Be sure to make him know that though you are entirely free, you do not prefer to disturb him.

I’m sure most of you will find out some really astonishing things, which you would rather not find under any other circumstance.

Men don’t usually want nagging girlfriends but then, when the girlfriend stops giving the same attention as before, men begin to miss their nagging talks. Though they feel like they don’t like someone to check on him constantly, they actually enjoy it secretly, sometimes even without their own knowledge that, they only begin to miss it when they don’t get it.

Men like someone to pamper them, for someone to ask whether they have eaten their meal, check whether he has reached safely, just like girls. Some guys, who act all ‘macho’, may not agree to this, but this is the mutual feeling in most men.

Why don’t you guys be open and agree that you like us being clingy?