The 90s was a good time for the mafia. Liberalisation had just come up and it was a great time earning in lakhs. But Dhanbad is Dhanbad. Here, the money is in red colour!

With many private bus contractors coming up in Dhanbad, the Muslim mafia’s center of focus shifted from coal to other industries. They extorted money from these contractors with Faheem Khan in the lead.

Meanwhile, a pall of gloom and shock had spread over the Singh mansion. The scion of the clan, Suraj Deo had gone to a rural area for campaigning in the upcoming elections where he was allegedly poisoned. This caused a huge split in the clan with his wife Khunti Singh opposing his brothers Baccha, Ramadhin and Shashi. Not to mention that two of their distant cousins, Suresh Singh and Sakal Deo Singh had rebelled against them and were a resurgent force. But we are coming back to Faheem Khan

One contractor, Shabir Khan (Shamshad in the movie) refused to pay the Agenty money. Instead he joined another gangster Babla who also instigated Faheem’s close friend Shabbir Alam (Fazlu in the movie) to rebel against him. Babla also provided the cops a method to capture Faheem with Superintendent of Police Randhir Prasad Verma coordinating the arrest. The arrest plan backfired when Wahid, Shabir’s brother accidentally shot when they arrived at Faheem’s house and the bullets struck Nazma Khatoon( Nagma in the film), Faheem’s mother.

All hell broke loose. Faheem finished Babla and Wahid. Next, he attacked SP Verma who was killed in the shoot-out. Railway contractor Mohammed Irfan, a railway contractor who provided information regarding the house to wahid was found dead in Wasseypur’s sewage canal.

Faheem was the new don of the city. But he did not know that a dagger was ready to strike him in the back- Shabbir. Shabir was alive also and there was a serious chance something would be happening which would make the roads of Dhanbad as red as ever.

More in my next article!!