Board results are already out now and if you are still struggling with your college search, then this article is you my friend!

We all know that the trend of online learning has finally reached India. In our busy hectic life, online degree works as a life saver for students who are not only passionate about their career but also want some time to earn for living.

Therefore, before going for an online degree, here are some basic points you should keep in mind.

Don’t go for a Worthless Degree

Your money is worth everything. Remember, you are going for an online degree to save your time not to waste your money on any low quality or say fake university. Hence, before choosing your university, make sure that it must be accredited. Accreditation from an organization is the first and foremost thing you should keep in your mind. Trust me, this is one of the aspects your future boss will not be settled with.

To earn an accreditation, a university or school must meet some certain guidelines or standards set by a particular accrediting organization. By a certified accreditation, you can easily know whether your university is officially authorized or not. This is the only way of knowing that your online degree has some value.

This is for your benefits, your education, your money and above all this is for your career we are talking about. So if you have any doubt, don’t just sit. Go for the research and assure yourself.

Your friends are not Ahead of You!

My friend is going for a regular degree and I am getting mine just by sitting at home. Will he get a better education and much more knowledge than me?

This will be the very first question that would strike my mind before planning to take an online degree. According to a research, there is no significant proof or valid evidence to show that online education is qualitatively or quantitatively any less valuable than traditional classroom education. In fact, a study shows that students who prefer online learning tend to give more time to self-study and that directly lead to better results.

However, there is no doubt that helping hand and guidance of a classroom professor can change your life upside down. This is the only benefit you will not be able to take from online learning, but not having a bad company of college seniors or peer pressure is the advantage you are going to be blessed with.

You are not alone!

Believe me, you are not the only one to give preference to online learning. You don’t need to feel inferior or caught between two stools for choosing to take an online degree. Though online education is not well known in India, but according to a survey, approximately one-third of the teenagers in the USA choose online degree over a regular one.

Moreover, 80% of accredited institutions in India and the world are now offering an online platform to connect with the students. All the elite institutions ranging from Lovely Professional University to Amity University are giving online access. The percentage of students taking online degree is increasing rapidly due to the facilities and money saving schemes universities and schools provide.

So keep running! You are in still in the race…

You can save for a World Tour

Yes! It’s true. You can seriously save money even for a world tour. I’m not talking about just tuition fees; you can save your money from many other things also. Okay, let’s calculate.

Do you have your own transport for going to college? No? Write your daily transportation cost on the list.

Are you planning to go abroad for further studies? Yes? Write your hostel rent in your list.

Can you cook? No? Add some more bucks in the list.

College parties, college functions, get together and the list goes on and on. So think of it. How much you can save just by your single right decision. On the top of it, you can save time too!

But wait! There are some online universities which charge twice or thrice as high as those of regular public institutions.  Don’t go crazy over fancy universities that pops-up on your screen. Make sure to choose a college wisely to avoid incurring unnecessary debt and yes of course to enjoy your trip.

Future! Future! Future!

You are doing everything for your bright future and a strong and successful career. So your major concern should be your future and your future depends on the reputation of the university to choose. The reputation of your university is really important from the perspective of your future employment.  In India, online education is still a new program and you should not trust a university which is still struggling in reaching the standards of a certified and prominent education hub. Look for a university with at least 5-6 years of experience in online education, a well-known brand name, best online teaching methods, good learning environment, program diversity, on demand class availability, top-class online resources and a reputation that is worth enough investing your valuable money.

Make your search goal oriented. Don’t just go with the flow; think about your future before choosing a university.