As the door of the jail opened, I saw many people living in a cell with pitiable conditions. The guard took me where Neha was kept. He opened the lock and said to Neha, “you have 15 minutes to meet this visitor”. I had come just to see her face, just to see those loving eyes, just to feel her warm presences, just to see her smile which had now left her face. I stood there waiting for her to get up from bed, her face had turned pale and she had lost  oodles of weight, it was killing me to look at her this way but I had to keep my calm. I helped her get up and made her sit.

As I sat beside’s her noticing  that tears still hadn’t left her eyes. Staring at my bag for a while she  asked softely “chocolates?”, as she said that I opend my bag and handed her the box. Every time I visited her I made sure to get her favorite asorted chocolates which she craved back then. There were millions of things I wanted to talk to her about how lonely i felt without her but I knew this wasn’t the right time. As I was about to leave, she held my hand softly and said “I miss you”, I turned around gave her a tight hug, kissed gently on her forehead and left. I cried my heart out on the way.

When I came home, I sat on the rocking chair,  staring at the sealing fan thinking what had gone wrong, feeling the emptiness which had drenched me in. I took a photo which was lying on the table, I saw my loving family, tears rolled down my eyes, I kept the photo on my chest and started to think what caused this tragedy.

I, Nirbhay, was doing my Ph.D when I met Neha. She was my junior and was doing her masters in Biology. We met at a science exhibition and came to know that we studied in the same college. Our constant meet ups at college campus, canteen, exhibitions and debate had made us close friends. I knew I was in love with her, any boy would have! I asked her out and she agreed. We dated for 4 years and got married. We would often visit her brother for the very fact that she loved children and her brother had a boy named Raghav. But her brother was short tempered. Every time we visited, she made sure to get him a toy. On our entire visit she never left Raghav. Sure we both were planning for our child too! 

After a year we learnt that Neha has certain complications which meant we could  have a child of our won. This fact had shattered us from within. When I left for work she would go to her brothers home just to be with Raghav and play with him so that she dosnt feels incomplete. I would try my best to make her smile but she would often cry and fell sick. Our constant visits to the hospital was creating an impact on her. Once the psychologist told me that they doubt her mental condition.

This had caused disturbance. I kept her at her brothers home so that she would could be with Ragav and would be looked after. I would visit her every night after work and would take her out every Sunday at times she would ask Ragahav to tag along. She was very attached to him. 

One night as I came home from work, my landline was filled with voice messages and my phone had plenty of missed calls.As I heared the voice mail the juice can spilt all over which i was about to drink. I  ran out, sat in my car and drove towards the hospital. The words in the voice mail kept running through my mind and I questioned was it true. I remembered it clearly said “Neha accidently killed her brother while saving Raghav. Come to Sanjeevni Hopital fast and check your inbox. Return the call.” The words “Neha… killed her brother” ran in my mind all the way till I reached the hospital.  I ran inside and asked the recepitionist, panting  “Varun, Varun Dutta which room?” the nurse replied “207, second floor, right side”.

I ran to the second floor and saw my entire family sitting outside the room, crying. Neha, Raghav, Mom and dad were sitting on the bench, while Natasha, Varun’s wife was walking, constantly checking the red light of the I.C.U. I only learnt about the incident once mom took me aside making sure we were far away from Neha and Ragahav. She said “you know how much Neha is attached to Raghav. She was sitting in her room, when she heared Varun shouting and hitting Ragahv, she tried to stop him but you know his anger, its only then when she hit him with a bat and he fell flat”. 

After hearing the truth, I went and sat besides Neha consoling her, took her hand in mine and prayed to god. The doctors had informed police because there was a lot of blood loss and they couldn’t operate without informing the police. The police had arrived till then and they had to take Neha with them. I decided to go with her just to make sure she is safe and sound. Though the operation was successful Varun was declared to be in coma.

Neha is imprisoned for some time. For me whatever she did was only to save Ragav, she dint have wrong intensions. But the luck does not always favours you. They say time heals but it hasn’t healed me yet. Now I sit here in this empty room waiting for her to come back…

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