Who doesn’t like potatoes? Whether its curry or chips or French fries, it’s been loved by all ages of people. But who has started it? There is a controversy, is it Belgium or France? Are you in dilemma? Let’s not take this very serious as it has been popularised worldwide by an US based fast food company McDonald’s.


It is being called by numerous names like French fries, chips, fries, finger chips, and French-fried potatoes etc. The history reveals that during the World War-1, the troops ate fried fish that they caught in the nearby river. During the winter times, the river would freeze over thus making fishing impossible. As every human finds an alternative, even the troops found an alternative where they used potatoes which were used as same as that of the fish for frying.

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Most of the theories tell us that Belgium has given this French fries. But on hearing the word “French” we feel it has been originated from France but it is not so. The reason behind this theory is that the American soldiers stationed in Belgium were introduced to French fries during world war-1. The official language of the Belgian army was French so the soldiers nick named this dish as French fries and now it has been the “National Snack” of Netherlands.

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French fries being the most popular dish around the world can be served with ketchup, mayonnaise, or vinegar but this up to your choice to choose.

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There are many different ways to celebrate it. The foremost and the easiest is that one can go to a nearby fast food restaurant along with your friends and order lots of French fries either normal or masala flavoured French fries served with chilly or tomato ketchup to have a divine taste. The second one is you yourself can prepare it in your home by getting a few potatoes and cutting it to thin long pieces and heating them in an oven for a fixed time, enough to make them crispy of about 20-25 minutes and then sprinkled with pepper powder on them and finally being served hot with your desired ketchup. Don’t forget to share with your friends.

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So if you have a craze for eating French fries then mark this date JULY 13TH in your calendar as National French Fries day.