Imtiaz Ali wanted to make a simple movie this time (biggest mistake), that reaches to a wide audience. So he made a wishy-washy film that washes over literally everything- loneliness of immigrants, travelling Europe, generation ki tharak, insecure women, arranged marriage, friend’s marriage, falling in love, seperation, reunuion, family reunion. The problem is there is no script, no reason for any of it to happen. Just scenes stuck together. And the protagonist are engaging enraging to the superlative.

The trailers fooled you! They looked nice because those were the only original parts this movie had to offer. Rest was all patchwork. Even if finding a ring (as bad as a reason it was) had made these two people fallen in love, we would have forgiven. But it didn’t. Also, in these times when women empowerment has taken such momentum and your primary audiences are women, you cannot make a character as fabulous as Sejal. Just can’t.

Loneliness and inferiority complex are so dear to us all that had they issued these two character-flaws well, we could have ended with a sensible movie. A classic even. But alas! they wanted to keep it simple and touch on everything happening around the world but that.

At this point, let me say SRK did what he was told to do and it was like good ol times once againintense looks, grabbing girl’s hand, protecting her, winning her over. But my problem is this, all his romance starts as soon as the girl says “I’ll be your temporary gf from now on till I’m here”, and his switch goes on. From being cheap-hu-cheap Harry he suddenly transforms into this romantic SRK. Like how? One of the many many flaws in the script. See, the fundamentals of lonely people are- they like their loneliness, they overthink and are internalised. They are not enamored by sillyness or in-your-face people like Sejal. And I can’t even start with Sejal, so how could I end with her.

All in all this movie is an example of wasted time, opportunity, money and effort. This movie just goes on to show how, actors can’t sign movies solely believing in the Director, and Director needs a story first and foremost.

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