You and I, we all move restlessly as planets do.

We all maintain patience towards time which moves mercilessly as the Earth bears our burden.

Our knowledge shines as bright as the Sun when used in a proper manner.

Our smile represents the moonlight which is very heart-some.

Sometimes we dance like Beyonce which is much alike the rings of Saturn,

Our anguish nature is similar to that of the red Mars,

Sometimes we are extra friendly towards people just like Jupiter,

Once in a while we are as same as Uranus, dull and vulnerable;

Our heart and mind remains calm in some situations, just like Mercury.

At some point, may be due to our over kindness or over belief on someone, we will be thrown away from this world exactly like Pluto has been thrown away from Galaxy.

So, Never think that we are alone here. There are some planets and stars who are wanting to be friends with us. The whole Universe is with us.


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