Since demonetization, each and every individual has been suffering to transact their money from the banks manually.

Meanwhile, Rajesh got a call from his son Ajay asking him to pay for his semester exam fee. Unfortunately, Rajesh couldn’t provide for the same because his son stayed many kilometers away from him and he couldn’t transact enough cash at the moment. So, he called up his friend Dinesh who lived near his son’s college and asked him to pay the fee, under the promise that he will repay him soon. Rajesh had informed the same to Ajay.

The next morning, Ajay waited for his uncle Dinesh but he didn’t turn up. Hearing this, Rajesh tried contacting him, but to no avail.

Disappointed in his friend, Rajesh decided to pay the fees by himself in few days. After reaching the city where his son’s college is located, he got down from the car to have tea; since the weather was cool and the tea was the exact degree of hot and strong that he wanted, he ended up paying double for the cup. But being the simple and humble man, the tea-stall owner gave the extra back and refused to take anything more than the actual amount. Rajesh smiled and moved forward.

On his way, he saw pamphlets that narrated: “An Old Woman in her 80s has lost all the money she had and is in urgent need of 50 rupees. People, who find it, please deliver the money to the given address.”

Rajesh thought of helping her and went to the mentioned address. There he saw a partially covered hut where an old woman stays. He said about the pamphlet and gave her the fifty rupees.


What happened next blew Rajesh’s mind. The Old woman smiled for a while after receiving the money. Later she exclaimed, “Dear son! How could you believe that I can print such pamphlets and paste them on the streets around the city? That wasn’t me. One day, a gentleman like you bumped into me and got worried, seeing my situation. He alone couldn’t possibly contribute to set my life straight. So he planned about these pamphlets.” Then she showed Rajesh a bundle of 50 rupee notes from under her bed.

Rajesh got so elated hearing all this, he just kept smiling, thinking, humanity is still alive in this world. On his way to the college, he met another man asking him directions to the Old Woman’s address. Rajesh’s eyes shone brightly.

Just then he got a call from his Ajay and he said that Dinesh had come and paid his total fees for the semester exams and even apologized for being late since he had lost his mobile in a minor accident.

Rajesh felt sorry for jumping onto conclusions pretty soon and judging his friend. But the happenings from the former half of the day over powered his current mood, and he was happy again.

Moral: – Humanity is still alive amongst us all. Whatever you give to the world comes back to you. Always think twice before jumping onto conclusions.

Be positive & be happy. 🙂


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