Dear baby ,
My little princess

Hush hush now!

Stay inside your virtual world ,
The real world is oh so very dangerous!

My baby, create your own Disneyland in the virtual world ,
Where guarded by fairy god mothers will you be.

Hush Hush now!

Don’t make a sound,
The evil wolf is around.

Get into your castle,
Daddy is always here,
Have no fear my dear!

Beware my darling,
The evil wolf comes clothed like a lamb
But will show its true colours and pounce on you ,
The moment you are unprepared!

Hush Hush now!

Go get your magic wand,
‘Swish and flick ‘
Don’t let the ‘despair’ get you down!

Shine your glory ,
Love and warmth
Bring out the light,
Make the darkness disappear !

Hush Hush now!

Look within your heart,
Daddy’s little princess,
I am here now and forever!