Salwar pehenti hai, saali behen ji!!
Minis and crop top… oh my god…such a slut!!
There’s nothing wrong and right- they said.
But when you said’I love experimenting with relationships’…. They said, “Such a whore! !”
Support women’s right- all shouted.
But at home all gossiped about the girl who spoke about her sexual life.
Women should follow her choices- all agreed.
She had multiple partners and all tagged her ‘fucking slut’.
“Darr ke aagey jeet hain. ” – everyone like the quote.
“Kya!! Ladki ho ke itne raat ko jaogi… darr ni lagta…” heard almost all girls.
“Real men don’t rape.” – he said in a meeting.
But had sex with his wife every night without her consent.
“She is very open hearted and shares everything with me”, he said to his friends.
“Signal de rahi hain, Bhai.” ,his friends told him.
Next day he proposed her, she said no and she was gang raped.
Girls should have a voice – said her friends to her.
Next day she asserted her opinion and her friends called her a ‘bitch’.
Kya yaar… hamesha Indian wears…. try western…- said her peers around her.
Smoke karti hai… not right… follow your culture dude – said the same peers.
“I real liked the movie Friends with benefits.” – her friend said to her.
“You made out with your close friend and you are not in love with him…. wtf!!! Are you crazy? Where are your values? – said her same friend to her.
“I love Samantha from Sex and the City.”chatted a group of girls.
“She’s such a bitch… she doesn’t give a f*** to people. “,said the same group of girls.