Life ain’t a Bed of Roses,
it is full of Thorns.
as we know things doesn’t always go as plan
sometimes there are certain things
which are better to Let it Go
rather than clinging onto it.
it’s hurts to accept the truth
but it is the only remedy
to stop hurting oneself.

it is better to trust oneself
rather than anyone
cause nothing remained forever
we ourselves only stood for ourselves
to the climax.

one way or either way
everyone’s gonna be hurt
but there’s one thing which is certain
not all sufferings are worth the pain.

regret doesn’t change the past
it instead worsen the present & future
let go of the past
for a better tomorrow
although it hurts.

no matter how much I want
I can’t hold U any longer
instead it is time
to let you chose your path
give your space
to show
my Love & concern for you.

I do wish
hope you’d prosper
and had the best of Life
which is the only I could do for you
my Dear,
never look back
nor regret
in life
take care of yourself