I swear I have never missed you like this before.
I am not strong enough to stay away from you.
Only a day has passed and I am feeling so unwell without you.
Its like from all my body, mind and soul I am not able to stand the feeling of not being in your loving care.
You were always right. You have always tried to protect me from the bad world and I have always fight you off.
I cannot entirely express the angst and pain that am feeling right now.
I feel suffocated here in this “new” place.
Its worse than a prison.
I am surrounded by bad people who do not care for me.
I pray to God . I pray in ever breath that I take to forgive my folly and take me back to you.
I would do everything as you say. I would be the best for you.
I am not old enough to be alone maa.
You were strong . I am weak.
Look how easily these tears are coming to me.
My eyes long to behold you.
My ears long to hear your voice.
Every cell of my body is pleading to be with you.
Come and save me maa.

He destroyed my body .
Maa, you brought me up like a flower.
Nurturing me with love and affection.
He trampled me, crushed me.
I am withered now. .
He has mutilated my roots.
I am barely breathing.

Help me!
Maa. ……….