Smart phone is a mobile phone that performs many of the functions of a computer, usually having a touch screen interface, Internet access, and an OS capable of running downloaded apps. Smart phone technology is most popular nowadays. However, for how much time will it last? Do you have any idea? It’s the beginning of a new era of technology where engineering will reach new milestones. This imminent technology is already there in the techno market i.e. SIXTH SENSE TECHNOLOGY.1Sixth Sense technology is a wearable gestural interface that enhances the physical world around us with digital information and lets us use natural hand gestures to interact with that information. It is like in the science fiction movies where display of computer screen appears on walls, commands are given by gestures, the smart digital environment which talks to us to do our work and so on, these all will be possible very soon. You imagine it and sixth sense technology will make it possible. Few years back it was considered supernatural or tantalizing imagination. But now it has been made possible. This has been made possible only by the efforts or we call it six sense of Pranav Mistry.

Pranav Mistry

Sixth sense technology has integrated the real world objects with digital world. The fabulous 6th sense technology is a blend of many exquisite technologies. The thing which makes it magnificent is the marvelous integration of all those technologies and presents it into a single portable and economical product. It associates technologies like hand gesture recognition, image capturing, processing, and manipulation, etc. It superimposes the digital world on the real world.3


Not just touch me, feel me- Technology

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