She was paranoid but it wasn’t anyone’s fault

As it was time to say the last goodbye

She cried and burned her sorrow somewhere inside

Memories where coming back in a flash back style

She questioned herself, what is this phase of life?

They are not her family then why she found tears in eyes

And fear of not seeing someone again

Has questioned and threatened her own thoughts

Emotions has no boundaries, she just realised

Those laugh, secrets rides and buying more and more time

It all was her life.

Every day they meet fought like kids and said goodbye

But this time it wasn’t easy  

She knew it all has come to an end

She will never have those eye contacts, seeking through door like a child

With his big dreamy eyes

She recalled all those glimpse in a blink of eyes and finally the room was full

They took her out she knew what’s going to happen next

But pretended with a fake smile

She stepped inside, it was her farewell

She gave a big laugh like she has conquered the war

But she knew it was her last goodbye.

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