Just Live

I want to have a big life. I want to hurl myself off planes and see the world pass by. I want to race across the streets as the wind whips through my hair. I want to climb to the top of mountains and breathe in the view that greets me. I want to dive into the ocean and be enveloped by the big blue world.

I want to swim with the marine life and experience the tranquility that surrounds it. I want to trek through the forests and embrace the surprises that I encounter. I want to sail across the ocean and watch the serene sunset. I want to dance in a strange land until I drop out of exhaustion.

I want to perform in front of thousands of people and feel the exhilaration. I want to go to exotic little places and surround myself with people. I want to learn new languages and make new friends as I go by. I want to keep learning new things and broaden my horizons. I want to try new food, experience new cultures and indulge.

I want to feel the adrenaline rush course through me, as I taste adventure.  I want to feel fearless. I want to push myself and test my limit. I want to live life like there is no tomorrow.

I want to do so many wonderful things because I have only one life. I want utilize this chance to the maximum. I do not want even a second to go to waste because honestly who knows what might happen next.

I could simply just die tomorrow and my 20 years of living will turn to dust. No. I do not want a meaningless, monotonous life. My life should not mean nothing. I do not want to take for granted that I have fully functioning limbs and an active brain. I want to feel the enormity of what life has to offer and when the time comes, go out with a bang. I want to make unforgettable memories that I will cherish until I breathe my last. I want to look back with no regrets. I want to …just live.

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