Heels have always been a girls best friend. As it is rightly said “Give a girl the right pair of heels and she can rule the world.” There’s no better feeling than the feeling of purchasing a new pair of heels. My craze of heels started at the age of twelve and since then I have been a heel freak. I am about to share all the knowledge I have about heels from types, heights, shape etc. So lets begin.

PUMPS – Pumps are generally called as simply the high heels. They range from 2 to 3 inches in height and are low cut in the front they can also be peep toes. They look perfect with any outfit.

KITTEN HEELS – Kitten heels are low heels, usually found in women formal shoes. If you love comfort along with heels these are the best to go with in parties and work events where you got to stand for long hours and don’t need that ache in your foot.

STILETTOS – The mother of all high heels are the stilettos they can range up to 8 inches in height but that makes it really hard to walk in, it all comes down to your walking skills. Stilettos come with platform in front in some heels because of the heel height. They are really pretty to wear and elongates a persons body more it makes your legs look lean. These can be peep toes and closed in front.

ANKLE STRAP HEELS – These are kind of pumps the only difference is that a strap goes around the ankle which makes the heel secure better and comfortable in walking. Ankle strap heels are so in the trend now. If you need to buy a heel now go for the ankle strap.

WEDGE HEELS – Wedge heels are just like high heels the difference is that there is no separation between heel and sole and very comfortable for wearing in for long hours.

WEDGE SANDALS – Wedge sandals are wedges but with a more open front and a lower height which are super comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

CONE HEELS – Cone heels resembles just that of a cone. The heel is wider at the foot and narrower at the sole.

SLING BACK HEELS – Sling back heels are stilettos but with a strap going around the Achilles heel which gives it a more elegant look along with better stabilization.

PLATFORM HEELS – Platform heels can be seen from short to tall. The main thing is the platform under the sole is thicker which makes it comfortable to walk in as there is not much of height difference between back and front.

PEEP TOE HEELS – Peep toes come in all shapes and sizes, they can be seen in wedges, stilettos, cone heels etc. All they need is a pop of your colourful toenails to show to be a peep toe!

CORK HIGH HEEL – They are named after the material used to make the sole of the heel that is cork, rest they too come in all shapes and sizes. The cork material makes it more softer and cushioned step.

HIGH HEELED BOOTS – High heeled boots are a must have in your heel collection. Pair them up with jeans, skirt or even a dress they give the best look all the time.

ANKLE BOOTIES – Ankle booties are perfect for spring and fall days when boots are an overkill.

SPOOL HEELS – If you think of a spool of thread, you may understand the concept of spool heel. The heel is of low height, broad at the base, narrower in the middle and then again becomes broad at the base of foot.

MULES – Mules are any type of heels that comes up high over the top of the foot. You could have an open or closed mule and the heel height may vary.

CUT OUT HEELS – Getting more on the funky side of heels, cut out are any type of heel that has a portion of the upper cut effect.

CORSET HEELS – Similar to a mule or a bootie, the difference is that the two sides of the heel are tied together just like a traditional corset.

OXFORDS – The traditional oxford has that academy look but with a flat heel. The oxfords are coming back in style again, the heel is still flat at the base but with a more heel height than the traditional oxford.

CHUNKY OR BLOCK HEELS – These heels are wider all through. The heel height may vary and they are very comfortable in walking since they provide a broader base. Perfect to wear with formals or when you are in a mood to go retro!

COMMA HEELS – These heels resemble that of a comma, and yes I am referring to the punctuation mark comma. Think of a comma and put in a heel there goes your comma heel. The comma heels are of low height and really uncomfortable to walk.

ESPADRILLE – Espadrille heels have a fabric upper and a plaited fibre sole. Espadrille heels are a take on this traditional flat, and can have a heel or a wedge base.

FANTASY HEELS – The last category that falls into high heels is the fantasy where you can put up all the crazy designs out there. I am not sure who wears such crazy designs except for Lady Gaga, but they do exist.

This was all about the heels I know about. The craze for heels can never fade away and the crazy designs that are being developed. There are so many types of heels you could never think of in your head, but they do exists and women do buy them. If you are a heel lover this is surely going to interest you.