Here’s a guide to K-pop group BTS’ 10 must-watch MVs. Just three days before their comeback with Love Yourself “Her”, here’s a compelling list of their bests.

Welcome. First time with BTS?

If you still think BTS means behind the scenes, you need to update yourself because you’re so pre-2013. But there’s hardly anything to worry about. I was too, until a few months ago, while I was boring myself after streaming the usual, YouTube decided to throw something my way. And ever since, nothing’s been the same. Serendipity, indeed! (Geddit? NO? You will, by the end of this article!)

This isn’t a story of how YouTube managed to ruin my life (or maybe, it is!). What I came across that day was so marvelous and visually pleasing that it led me to go from a normal music-lover surfing K-pop to a completely obsessed fan-girl humming Korean lyrics I don’t even understand, in a matter of a few days! That day, all I saw was 7 beautiful men with moves that could kill; grooving, rapping and humming an EDM-esque track. And I swear to God, like every other person,  I just Googled them to know their names. From there began my journey, deep into the massive fandom. Welcome to the world of crazy!

How I went from a girl who recognized these gorgeous boys by their dazzling hair colors to being able to identify them by their voices better than I recognize people I’ve known almost my whole life – is a phenomenon that even science can’t explain!

Statutory Warning: I am, in no way responsible if you too get obsessed! It’s like they say- Once you Jim-In, you can’t Jim-Out! *cue evil laughter*

BTS is a South Korean boy band managed by the label BigHit Entertainment. Just like their personalities, the group has different names too – Bangatan Sonyeondan, Bulletproof Boy Scouts or the rather new, Beyond the Scene. Those aware of K-pop would know its immense impact internationally. BTS is a 7 member group comprising of Kim Nam-joon aka Rap Monster, Kim Seok-jin aka Jin, Min Yoon-gi aka Suga, Jung Ho-seok aka J-Hope, Park Ji-min aka Jimin, Kim Tae-hyung aka V, and Jeon Jeong-guk aka Jungkook. How this group of extremely talented set of memes…whoops! sorry, not sorry…. boys went from being rookies from a newly established, comparatively smaller label to winning the Billboard award for Top Social Artist on May 21, 2017 is the kind of inspirational story that needs to be the gospel for marketing agencies everywhere!

A fashion sense that could give any model a run for his money, voices that could cheer you up even on the darkest days, and a dorky, uninhibited behavior that can very well make your heart explode are just three of the millions of reasons why BTS has not only made its way into top charts but also into hearts, everywhere. With over 8 million followers on Twitter, 5 million YouTube subscribers, 5 million+ Instagram followers, and being listed by Forbes as the most retweeted artist of 2016 (during Twitter’s 10th anniversary), BTS have been deservingly crowned the K-pop Kings of Social Media.

Ever since their debut in 2013, BTS has outdone all expectations. No wonder that almost the entire world (including non-Kpop fans) are going crazy over the September 18 comeback the group is making. If you think 0.40 seconds of a guy whistling whilst staring right into your soul and a mere 12 seconds of acoustic music with a glimpse of 7 men showing off their footwork isn’t enough to send the whole social media into a frenzy, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your entire life! Because that’s exactly what BTS did yesterday when they released a teaser for their comeback music video, DNA, a track from their new mini-album Love Yourself Her, which is a part of the group’s thematic era Love Yourself that will last throughout 2017 and lead into 2018 as well.

With Wings on #26 as the highest ranked K-pop album on the Billboard 200 of all time, a collaboration with the The Chainsmokers’ Andrew Taggart for a track called “Best of me” for their upcoming mini-album, a BBMA win that broke Justin Bieber’s three-time winning streak, a mildly (*winks*) crazy fandom called the A.R.M.Y (Adorable Representative M.C for Youth), a Daesang (grand prize- Artist of the Year award) at the MAMA -2016, uncanny promotions and strong messages subtly delivered with love to people around the world, and the pre-order sales for “Her” already over a million, BTS is slowly taking over the world and we’re all here, living for it!

If all that still doesn’t convince you, that’s okay. Because right now, just three days before their epic comeback, I bring to you visual kings BTS’ 10 must-watch MVs so that even you know what a legendary era you’re about to be a part of!

Here’s to knowing that the hype is real……..


  1. No More Dream

To discover BTS, and to not have watched this epic debut would be an absolute crime no God would forgive! BTS kick-started their career with this hip-hop infused upbeat track that has them openly dissing the education system that in turn, is the reason for lack of passion among youth. This was a rare thing in the K-pop scene where it’s considered safer to stay away from carrying out strong messages against the society’s hypocrisy.

  1. Boy in Luv

One of BTS’ initial songs when the group still heavily relied on blending K-pop and hip-hop rather well for their music, Boy in Luv is all about young love. The foot-tapping music and the energetic dance of the septet adds immensely to the charm.

P.S You’ve rapper J-Hope rhyming “hakuna matata” here. Ask my again why I love them so much! *wink wink*

  1. Not Today

One of the most recent MVs that Bighit released, Not Today has the group in extravagant outfits, mouthing savage lyrics that could burn the haters down and dancing like there’s no tomorrow (is that a paradox?). Props to them for retaining the aesthetics they’re known for even in an otherwise dramatically vibrant setting.

  1. Spring Day

Spring Day will be the definite winner for the most visually pleasing MV in BTS’ history. With subtle colors in the background, a soothing sound and our men looking absolutely beautiful, this is one MV that will leave you in much awe. Surely, watching this video will leave you asking a lot of questions and probing into the other MVs of the band for clues. Oh and read about Omelas beforehand; you won’t regret it!

  1. Run

One of BTS’ most compelling tracks, the Run MV and the entire Run era still remains a fan favorite. The video tells you a story, a rather interesting one that’ll have you brainstorming for days together. Yes, the video does have the septet running quite a lot and you’ll find yourself stuck right behind them, much in love with how beautifully the scenes have been shot to depict the friendships, rebellious nature and everything that the transition into adulthood brings along; complementing the beautiful pop beats of the track.

P.S: Be warned! Dashi run run run might get you hooked.

  1. FIRE

Exciting and fun is how one would describe Fire. Even with an upbeat track like this that could easily be just another party song for us, BTS somehow manages to stay different and true to themselves. The colorful music video has the boys chilling even as there’s a major explosion in the middle of the MV. Yes, that’s how crazy it gets. Oh, and no one who’s ever seen this has been able to control the emotions after Suga mouths the first “bultaoreune”!

Trivia: Fire is BTS’ second MV to have surpassed 200 million views on YouTube.

  1. DOPE

If you’ve watched Dope and never once tried to imitate the legendary dance moves of this 2015 single, are you for real? With the boys dressed thematically to represent various professions, Dope takes everything to the next level. The beats are high on energy and matching to that, we have the septet moving so fast, yet so well, even Flash would be surprised! The choreography of this one remains unmatched till date. It’s no surprise that this is BTS’ first MV to have stormed YouTube with over 200 million views!

  1. Save ME

There’s something about this track and this video that you just can’t ignore. It’s not just the chorus “Save me. Save me. I need your love before I fall, fall” that’ll have you glued to the screen. Watching the boys move so gracefully and effortlessly to the surprisingly hooking blend of hip-hop and EDM sounds would make you think that the choreography is easy. You’d be surprised to know that it actually is a one-take video and literally had the boys running around during the filming! Our boys never fail to out-do themselves, do they?

  1. I NEED U

I Need U landed BTS their first major win on The Show and how! Ever since, there’s been no stopping. Merely listening to I Need U will instantly give you the feeling that it is a song about love and heartbreak, a rather beautiful one at that. Watch the MV and you’ll be pleasantly surprised (and probably, shocked) that it’s a lot more than meets the eye. It tells a compelling story about the mental problems and dilemmas the youth have to face. The music, the eye-catching visuals, the stupendous acting, basically everything about the I Need U MV will have you raving about how awesome BTS really are! Don’t blame me for the haunting, melancholic feel the video might leave you with!

  1. Blood Sweat & Tears

If you’re talking about BTS and don’t include BS&T, it’s basically considered a sin in the BTS fandom! One of the group’s most successful and popular singles, BS&T has everything element that’ll take your breath away. With the men looking absolutely out of this world (yes, like literal angels to be very precise) and slaying it with their synchronized dancing, BS&T is surely a treat for the eyes! Heavily infused with symbolism and killer dance moves that’ll remain legendary for centuries, BS&T is everyone’s easy favorite. From the art-works displayed throughout the video, the stunning outfits to the locations, everything about this video will have you going insane! Oh and never ever in your life forget the most epic, foot-thumping, makes-you-wanna-get-up-and-dance chorus of all time. BS&T will definitely have you watch your soul leave your body, screaming “Wonhae manhi manhi”!


A little bonus, just for you—

Beauty,on point! Official comeback trailer featuring Chim Chim (Jimin)!

And a little more…………


This was my long, slightly psychotic, obsessive ode to the men I love. Tell me in the comments which MV is your favorite.

And please remember- Love Yourself!!!!

P.S: Tune in to BigHit’s YouTube channel for their comeback on 18th September. Prepare to be Jungshook y’all!


  1. Made me so happy! Thank you for the references to our inside jokes. For anyone reading this I recommend listening the solos from the album Wings; lets you get to know the boys better.

    Love from another new ARMY 🙂

    • Hi Aparna!
      You’re welcome.
      And I’m so glad you liked it and got the inside jokes!

      And yes, I agree that everyone should listen to all the solos! Maybe I’ll write something on that soon!

      Much love to you too, fellow ARMY!

  2. Wow! This article is so convincing… Now I’ll HAVE to watch all these videos you mentioned. Thanks for the guide, it’s gonna help this new member in BTS world!

    • Hi Nahida!
      I’m glad the article convinced you. I (J) hope you’ve a lot of fun watching the videos and finding out more about BTS!
      You’re always welcome
      And let me also welcome you to the huge fandom, ARMY before anyone else does!

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