“We made a video looking back at your year, including memories” – Facebook notified.

Little did they knew that reviewing memories will also review -Broken Promises, Ignored texts, Some hurting Blue Ticks and the fact that He Too Had A Heart.

Going through that video made him fade away; His soul was sinking into the deepest waters of sorrow. Nothing was more important to him than her and then it all went away with betrayal.

But his love was true, like the one only few would do. He still loved her and by doing so he was destroying his own spirit. Little to his notice he was losing all his relations as the life teaches, “Everyone sticks around a happy person and the depressed one is picked by none.”

Suddenly, while watching the video a tear rolled down his cheek and onto the mobile screen, it dropped onto the pause switch and stopped the video.
Co-incidentally the cookoo clock sprung into life as it clocked 12 to mark the end of a shattering year for him.

He decided not to resume the video and closed the tab, rather all her tabs from his life were closed with that last drop of tear.

He acknowledged that she was never going to be a part of his life again and it was of no use being wasteful. He gave new direction and meanings to his life but deep inside his heart he still loved her; The irony being that she would never know that someone loved her so much.

The New Year along with it brought many a new resolutions for him;
Biggest of them was to make his recent drop of tears for her as the “Last Drops Of Tear” he would shed for her.

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