Lee Kuan was one of the most successful prime minister in world. They are popularly known as” the founding father of Singapore”. . . . . . .

They guided  Singapore  development into MODERN, STABLE NATION as well as one of world’s RICHEST NATION.  Lee Juan was first became prime minister after British granted Singapore self – rule in 1959 prior to its stormy post – colonial union with Malaysia.
A British educated lawyer by training. Mr. Lee ran a government that was widely regarded as farsighted, honest  and  efficient, but it also could be overbearing and patronizing. The result was a tidy, law- abiding country.

Critics also charged that Mr. Lee’s administration permitted  detention without charge and trial, censored the press, harassed political opponents. some Singaporeans complained that the avowedly ” paternalistic” government treated them like children, forbidding private citizens  to own home satellite dishes, fining and humiliating people caught failing to flush public toilets and imposing a nationwide ban on chewing gum.

When  BBC reporter once suggested to him that gum could help spur creativity, Mr. Lee reported” if you can’t think, you can’t chew, try  a banana”  For the first decades of his life, Mr. Lee is known as “Harry”

Mr. Lee set about Singapore, adopting free- trade and business – friendly policies. He cracked down hard on corruption, launched urban reforms, bulldozed squalid slums and enforced multiculturalism in an effort to create a uniquely Singaporean identity.
To prevent the formation of what it called” racial enclaves”, his government crafted elaborate  many rules.

At that same time, Mr. Lee showed little tolerance for dissent. Saying that Singapore ” has always to be a tight ship” he made free use of internal security act. , a law predating independence that allows for arrest and detention without trail.

Mr. Lee was unapologetic. “we have to lock up peoples, without  trails, whether they are communist, whether language chauvinist, whether they are religious extremists”, he said in 1986. “If you don’t do that, the country would be in ruins “.  Under Mr. Lee, Singapore instituted some of world’s strictest gun – control and drugs laws, enforcing them with mandatory death  penalties.

Mr. Lee was also a strong proponent off corporal punishment, notably canning.
Singapore’s zeal for the penalty led to a diplomatic  tiff with United States in 1994 when an American  teenager, Michael Fay, was sentenced to be caned for vandalism.

In 1980s, his government set up world’s only state- run matchmaking agency, in part to find mated for Singapore’s growing number of unmarried, college educated women. Another program provided incentives for graduate mothers to have  several children, reversing an overly successful family- planning campaign. In 1994, Mr. Lee even lamented that his government had been ” young, ignored and idealistic” when it had promoted equal education and employment rights for women’m decades earlier.
Mr. Lee States that. . .

“The task of a leader must be to provide or create  for them a strong framework within which they can learn, work hard, be productive, and rewarded accordingly. and this is not easy to achieve “. . .

President Obama hailed Lee as ” A TRUE GIANT OF HISTORY” and ” ONE OF THE TREAT STRATEGISTS OF ASIAN AFFAIRS”. Obama met Lee during his  2009  visit to Singapore.
Wise president Joe Biden, committed that ” he was a pragmatist and uncompromising. ” he also said that ” Lee make  Singapore one of the world prosperous countries in the world “.
I think that Lee Kuan yew is a ideal examples for today’s leaders. They are such a great persons and my words are so insufficient to describe their prestigious personality. He was a real patriotic persons and always remains mortal in our hurt.

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