So life lessons are back already, eh?! Feels like it’s been just a few days since I wrote about lessons from 2016 and it’s been 365 days already! Wow, someone said it right, “Time flies, even before you realize it!”. One long year and again a series of memories, a series of lessons, a little growing up, a little more learning, that’s how it has been so far. 2017 it is, isn’t it?! I remember how a year ago my Facebook seemed to be flooded with posts of the new year stating how people would make resolutions doing what all and what not! And again a year of regrets without actually having done something productive…! No wonder, that’s probably the story of every youth these days! Okay, so let’s not waste much time and let me give you quick highlights of the lessons I have learned!

  1. Let no change change you!

They say, “Variety is the spice of life” and so it is! To be honest, we all love changes and that change can be in any form, as in things, persons, place anything! But what if the change demands you to change? Well, any change is good when it makes you a better person but, if the change makes you lose your originality you would rather not give in to such changes. So choose the change in and around you, wisely!

  1. Walk up to your opportunities.

One of the major lessons I have learnt is,  no opportunity comes walking to you. If you want to be recognised in a particular field then you got to pick up the smallest of chances you have, to bring out the best in you. Take a chance, because once you win, you will be recognised for those chances but, if you lose, they will later make you regret!

  1. Luck comes, but it takes some time.

Let’s keep the stars aside, but I believe, luck does exist. But that doesn’t mean you should depend completely on your luck! In fact, people who depend on luck are weak. Sometimes, when things you want don’t happen but others happen out of sheer luck, they might actually be good for you! Not all luck is bad afterall! 

  1. Don’t fall for sweet words

This is not a new lesson. We are all told about this at least once. But I suppose, it took me some time to realise. You know, they say, “All that glitters is not gold.” ; Glitters here refer to those people who appear to be too sweet to you, they keep praising you in the front and they are the ones who speak at your back. I urge you not to fall into the trap of such people and maintain a distance from them because they only know to make fun out of your life.

  1. Nothing lasts forever

Lastly, the most important lesson I learnt this year was that nothing lasts forever. Be it friends, family, relatives, literally, nothing can last forever. There can be many reasons actually, fights, deaths, quarrels, but the only person who stays with you is you. Life can actually be compared to a train journey, where you travel from your source to destination. There can be some people who give you company while others just become your co-passengers.  So, never expect something to stay or last. No matter what, JUST MOVE ON!

So that’s, enough for now. These are what I learnt this year and I hope they prove to be some good “gyaan” to you too!!!  😀

Finally, wish you all a very Happy New Year 2018. Let no bad memories from 2017 influence your new year and finally have a great year ahead!!! :))


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