• What is Success?

Real success is not like a combination of some things like Car, Property, and Bank Balance etc. and this is especially for those who work all day long and run and cry for the things which they don’t have. It’s not success, it just an outshining. Real Success is, you perceive or do any such thing that even after losing everything in your life, and you can die with a smile on your face.


  • Nothing is Difficult

We all have heard a dialogue, “It’s very easy to Say, but difficult to implement”. Ever thought what this dialogue creates in our mind? It’s a seed of failure. If we continuously say anything difficult, even it is not, it will prove to be much more difficult with time and at a stage would just seem Impossible. So this word ‘Difficult’ have tied us with a tight knot.

Just as a baby elephant who’s tied to a simple rope in a circus, tried it’s hard to came out of it but couldn’t. So it becomes the mindset now that it can’t be free from it. Now the elephant is mature and in its full prime. Now he has the potential to break not only that particular rope but any, but now he didn’t even tried. If someone goes to him and say, Oh! Elephant, you have the potential to break the rope, Just give it a try. Then how much time it will be taken by the elephant to break that rope? One Year? , One Month? No! Just a second and he will be free.

This is how it goes. All our belief that based upon some lies, have taken years to come in existence, but just a second to vanish the existence. When Truth Enters, Lie Exits means belief based on lies exit.


  • Discover Your Goal

    How could we discover our desire? Simple! Whatever things which you enjoy doing is your desire because it comes from within. Even it’s a very small thing. And the things which came from outside, is not your desire or can say a duplicate desire. If you walk ahead through a duplicate desire, you will be depressed all through.

    If you see a Big tree, was it so big from the beginning? No! It was the seed which has grown up as bigger tree now. In the same way, whatever things you see in front of you now like Mobiles, TV, Copies and everything are desires of someone which are now an existence to all. In this whole world, whatever we see and if we make list, we come to know that these are all someone’s desires which are now grown up. We all have desires; the problem is we didn’t make it bigger. More you desire, more will be your success.For example : If you play guitar to attract girls and want them to come over you and talk, so it’s a duplicate desire to play guitar, but if you completely lose yourself while playing guitar, then it’s your real desire. Then you can say, what is the connection between guitar player and success? Then you can look back to any music composer or music director all have the desire and they started through guitar or any other musical instrument. They didn’t wake up some morning and said I’ll be music composer now and now I’ll make music and charge a hell lot of money for it.
    Then everything has come in existence by a little desire which proves to be bigger later.


  • How to be stress free?

    We all say, there’s so much tension, so much stress. We keep on thinking the outcome of our every deed that leads to stress. If we became confident in what we do, is there being any stress? NO!It has been written in The Bhagvada Geeta also, “ Karma karo, Fal ki icchha mat karo” means keep on doing deeps, don’t think of the outcome. When you only focus on what you do, and not on the outcome, there will be no place remaining for the stress.


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