While the world has begun its reflection as a monochrome, the survivors have also made their row in the flow. While some men boast of perfection around their coats, there are some secret lives; blaring against the societal misguidance and still drowning in procrastination.

Life of Arjun made equations with the norms the usual section of girls set for themselves. Guess them? Here they are, a five figure salary with a 4 wheeler and 3 bhk flat on his name. No doubt he was a dapper, bagged some applauds for his skills too, but he was never found playing around the corners with any of his “girl” friends or colleagues. (Irony, what is ideal for an educated guy isn’t appreciated anymore)Overtime, people invested their precious time in mocking at him as ‘homo’.

While most of you might perceive him to be the guy of a perfect character, the plot is incomplete. Transcending those misleads around him, he was soon married. Parallel to the predictions, he had no intimacy with his wife, neither did he try talking to her like one should do in his place.Do you still think he’s adorned with perfection?

One of the major setbacks in this world, though less spoken about is lack of a good interaction of parents and children. Call it over-cautiousness or immaturity, his upbringing involved notions that claimed involvement with women as a sin. All of his childhood and teenage was found so distant from girls that his mind got groomed in the same way.

Irony, this planet is an abode to people who consider their freedom towards every woman that appears red to their eye, and also to people who don’t possess appropriate judgmental skills to act wise. Had it been a wise upbringing, where he could make good friends of the opposite sex, inculcate understanding of their opinions and dislikes, at the same time gain consciousness about what is called the right treatment with the girls; the outcome would have resulted a lot better.

There is nothing such as an ideal upbringing. A last bencher may give the best life to his future wife, and help her lead an independent life. A topper may prove himself to be against women empowerment. A dropout may also become the backbone to his wife’s business. It all depends on what a guy adopts at the right time.

Often, the society influences people upto a great level. Parents confine their children with a fear of becoming a prey to society’s judgments. There has to be a change in the sticky habit of drawing conclusions before understanding the plot. A guy and a girl can be great friends away from any physical intimacy. If children are kept open to good friendship and positive attitude towards the opposite sex, there might be a better future for our world. They might develop empathy towards their problems, their goals, what’s comfortable for them and what’s sickening.

This could help several lives across nations. Children must be groomed in a way that helps them differentiate between things, opt them at the right age and time. Instead of calling intimacy as sin, he should have been taught about it’s place in his life after marriage. The other side of the coin brings outrage, sexual assaults are on peaks. But when a guy truly realizes that having intimacy out of love and with the partner’s consent is what is called the right way, not misusing the manly strength to assault someone, there might be a sunrise.

Dear parents, let’s talk the secret. If a single word or act has occupied this much of space in our lives that it calls for law, then let’s talk about it. You have to choose if talking about it is what makes you shy or what it calls for, if not talked about, does!

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