Dear ma and papa,

Without both of you, every day of my life intrigues in misery. I am tired of fighting and struggling for my own life ‘Ma’. Many a times, I think about jumping off the rooftop and thousand other ways to end this suffocation in my heart that kills me every moment but papa’s words always stop me. “Only losers quit” , I get to hear the same voice again. Well, I guess I am a loser because I lost everything and there’s no reason left for me to stay in this ring anymore. I don’t have the courage to wake up next morning ‘papa’.

I don’t want to stay here anymore. Everyone’s affection also left with both of you. No one wants me now and nobody cares for me. I am a puppet now ‘ma’ and they hold and control my strings.

It’s like I have been ceased in a box which is rolled off an endless hill. My life is drowning in despair.

Only the memories in which both of you exist with me are the reason for the tinge of happiness left in my life.

Just like you ‘ma’, I love writing. Writing is something that takes me closer to both of you. Penning down every incident eats a part of my pain. Whenever I write, everything turns better .Those moments are just magical.

I should sleep now.

P.S: aunt took away the only belonging of you ‘ma’ that was left with me. I hate her.

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