Stop worrying and thinking too much about what your life is meant for!

Never be down and behave as a stone. Wondering why only me?


Stop walking along the wrong route and making unnecessary conversations with people.

Stop feeling shy.

And start to fulfill all your planned things in this limited life.

Because no one can assure you about your next life!


Even angels and evil spirits fought for a long time to extract divine spirit(Amrutham) from the poisonous world.


Then just think once…

 We are in the society where both good and bad exist.

So how hard should we work to get relief from this slave life between both?

If we wont realize this atleast now,

What would the difference be, between us and rocks?


Now, let us just look at a tree…

It stands constantly regardless of climatic changes by giving us the sweetest fruits and beautiful flowers.


If we work constantly regardless of our failures,

Who knows! Even we may be a great person who will be admired and inspire everyone.


Hey, human being!

Let us just change our route track and work hard for enlightenment of our spirit.







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