While people are so intelligent, they sometimes find it difficult to answer the question, “What is life?” Life is life, the evidence of existence. But, what makes our life beautiful? It starts to gain beauty only when we start appreciating life. When I resent something that I don’t have, it’s not going to be beautiful for me, but for a person who doesn’t even have what I have, it could be a beautiful life, when he/she knows how to appreciate it.

I was taking my driving classes for the four-wheeler, and my teacher was an adult who had two daughters. One had finished her under graduation, but couldn’t find a comfortable one to settle in. The other one had completed her higher secondary schooling and was looking for an admission for her undergraduate education. This man was a very kind person and a wonderful teacher. I enjoyed my driving classes since I could see my improvisation. But, after a few days, I felt a bit uncomfortable to go to my classes and I also started to bunk classes. When my parents weren’t happy with my behaviour, they realised that I wasn’t feeling comfortable. So, we started discussing the classes, to find out what my problem was.

When I used to go for my classes, my teacher used to lament on his lifestyle, and would also share about his trouble to run his family. I pitied him. Later, he started introducing me to his former students who were taxi drivers and heavy vehicle drivers and started resenting that they earn more than him, though it was him who taught them to drive. This was something which created a great negative impact on my mind, and I started thinking that there was no point in trying to learn to drive from a person who would ultimately not be happy to see me drive well. With his negative approach to life, the teacher lost the respect and the regard that I had for him.

This is what happens in all our lives. When we start looking at life from a negative perspective, we can’t give our best in what we are best at, and that let us lose our regard in life. But, when we look at life from a positive perspective, we make our lives beautiful, for us to enjoy and for others to respect.