Gone are the days when girls developed dark circles and relied totally on pills after their break up. Now, all these queens do is kick in some caffeine, tie a classy bun, and walk around the streets in stilettos. This is what you are supposed to do because there is much more to life than looking beautiful and sorting relationships. Girls don’t realise that they are born with hell lot of beauty embedded in their soul. What is the point of applying bold lipstick and blush when you can win the world by just speaking your heart? I personally believe that if a girl wants to be something, she can be anything and she should move ahead to get the task done.

With layers of makeup on your face, you can hide your acne marks and dark circles. But at the end of a day, what really makes you beautiful is the brightness in your eyes, the boldness in your tone, and braveness in your ideas. You don’t need the appreciation of a guy or anyone to ensure that you have beauty within you. It is your duty to find that spark and break the wall that keeps you hidden from the world. Two out of three girls get disheartened when they see others passing on a judgment for their behaviour. I ask why? What is the concept behind feeling bad for somebody’s nonsense? You are tough, ambitious, and you are aware of the things you want from this life. If that makes you a bitch, okay! It is okay, babe!

When I look at girls craving for the attention of boys, I feel pity for them. You are born to crave for yourself and you should never ever underestimate your instincts. Anyone who says that you are not good enough, know your worth very well. And that is why they pull you down because they know that you can lead and you are a warrior. Why do you have to cry over a break-up? Was it worth it? No! Because if it was, then it would not have ended up making you cry. All these painful nights and stressed out days will not fetch you the outcome. You need to wake up and do some reproductive shit without feeling tired.

Not everyone will accept you the way you are, but not everyone matters. You are sufficient in your own space and you should make your Mondays fabulous. Your life is much more than worrying about your looks and thinking about how people treat you. How you treat yourself is important and ultimately that will be with you throughout your life. All these free advice and undesired suggestions will fade away like a fashion that didn’t work out well. You must learn to embrace the downfalls in your life and move ahead with your chin up. You will meet people who will call you fat, ugly, misbehaved, clumsy, etc. But you have to decide what you are made of and you need to dissect your soul and check what it has been feeding on all these days.

You are fat, you are dark, and you are failing; so what. The lipid in your body is yours, the impurities in your blood are yours, the melanin underneath your skin is yours, and you are travelling in your own time zone. All these things together make you up. If you had one thing different, you would not have become the perfectly imperfect YOU! This is for every girl who feels she is unacceptable without makeup and who thinks she is unlovable after break up. There is life beyond all these things and you should live your life like a magical combination of flaws and awesomeness.

I believe that each one of us is beautiful in our own way and nobody has got the right to dull that sparkle in us. We must worry less and work more for our life goals. The rest of the things will automatically fall into place. When your heart breaks, you must carve the two pieces of your heart into horns and place them like a crown on your head. Life is too short for heart breaks, jealousy, and looking good. Don’t waste it enhancing your facial brightness, instead beautify your souls and make this world a better place. Hustle for goals and not guys because you have a life beyond makeup and break up.

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